Our People


Julie Dorsey's picture

Julie Dorsey is the Frederick W. Beinecke Professor of Computer Science at Yale University, where she teaches computer graphics. She came to Yale in 2002 from MIT, where she held tenured appointments in both the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and the School of Architecture. She received undergraduate degrees in architecture and graduate degrees in computer science from Cornell University.

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Theodore Kim is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Yale University. He researches topics in physics-based animation, which include the simulation of fire, water, muscles, skin, and virtual humans. He joined Yale from Pixar Animation Studios in 2019, and received a Scientific and Technical Academy Award in 2012. He holds a PhD and MS from UNC Chapel Hill, and a BS from Cornell University.

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Holly Rushmeier is the John C. Malone Professor of Computer Science at Yale University. Her research interests include shape and appearance capture, applications of perception in computer graphics, modeling material appearance and developing computational tools for cultural heritage.

Graduate Students

Yiwei Hu's picture

Yiwei Hu is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of computer science, whose interests are materials and rendering. He is currently working on (inverse) procedural material modeling. 

Before coming to Yale, He received his bachelor’s degree in the Computer Science Department at Zhejiang University.

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Sherry is a first-year PhD student in computer science. Her interests include interactive 3D sketching, augmented reality (AR), and 3D modeling.

Prior to Yale, she received her B.S. in Computer Engineering from Columbia University in 2017.

Weiqi Shi's picture

Weiqi Shi is a second year PhD student in computer science. His advisor is Holly Rushmeier. Currently, he is working on an Augmented Reality (AR) based material design system involving photorealistic rendering in AR and global illumination. He developed the software system CHER-Ob for culture heritage recovery, analysis and display. He is interested in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and game design.

Before coming to Yale, he received B.E. from Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University in 2015.

Zeyu Wang's picture

Zach Zeyu Wang is a PhD candidate in computer graphics at Yale University. His research focuses on VR/AR and sketching interfaces for content creation, with applications in design, perception, and cultural heritage.

Before coming to Yale, he received B.S. (Summa Cum Laude) in machine intelligence from School of EECS, Peking University in 2016.


Postdoctoral Associates