An Introductory Video Generator for Disseminating Cultural Heritage Projects


Best Paper at EG GCH 2017


There are many different activities in cultural heritage research, such as digitization, data visualization, information analysis, and dissemination. Much effort has been made to develop better technologies for data capture and processing in cultural heritage. However, digital images and models will become less meaningful if there is not an efficient way to incorporate their cultural context. In this paper, with a focus on how to disseminate the results of cultural heritage research, we propose an introductory video generator based on the open source software CHER-Ob for shared analysis. Given a cultural heritage project, a researcher can simply generate an introductory video for others to easily understand it by selecting preferences and annotations. A series of animated shots of 2D and 3D objects will appear in a user-specified order in the video subtitled by annotations, illustrations, and maps. This idea is useful for integrating cultural and digital resources as well as providing a convenient way for researchers to disseminate cultural heritage findings to the public.