An Integrated Image and Sketching Environment for Archaeological Sites


Abstract  We introduce a tool for organizing images and drawings of archaeological sites. The tool is based on a 3D sketching system developed for conceptual architectural design. The sketching system for design allows a user to represent structures as strokes located on 2D canvases situated in 3D space. The design of a consistent 3D structure evolves as the user is allowed to move the strokes from the 2D canvases into a consistent assembly in 3D space. This system is extended by allowing the user to introduce images and drawings of archaeological sites into the space. The initial positioning of the images onto the 2D canvases is obtained using automated bundling techniques from computer vision, in the manner used by systems such a Photosynth. Many of the historic photographs and all of the orthographic drawings of sites however can not be automatically situated. We introduce simple user interactions to assist in including these additional photographs and drawings. Once the 3D environment is populated with imagery, the user can use the tool to tour the space, to enter annotation as written text or 3D sketches, and to prepare interactive tours to communicate information about the site to others.