We are a computer graphics group based in Yale’s Computer Science Department. At Yale we are immersed in a unique environment with world-class faculties in the visual arts and sciences, including Art, Architecture, Art History, Drama, Psychology and Medicine. We have access to rich resources in the collections of the university’s libraries and museums. The Yale campus itself and the surrounding Connecticut Shoreline provide us with visual inspiration and challenges.


Theodore Kim has won a 2022 Scientific and Technical Academy Award, along with David Eberle, Fernando de Goes, and Audrey Wong, for the design and development of Pixar’s Fizt2 (pronounced “fizz-tea-too”) elastic simulation system.

Imagine creating a character in your favorite video game and, despite the numerous options and customizations of facial features available, you are unable to generate an avatar that truly resembles you. This feeling of exclusion is something that many experience far too often and a result of prejudice inherited by modern computer graphics technologies.