We are a computer graphics group based in Yale’s Computer Science Department. At Yale we are immersed in a unique environment with world-class faculties in the visual arts and sciences, including Art, Architecture, Art History, Drama, Psychology and Medicine. We have access to rich resources in the collections of the university’s libraries and museums. The Yale campus itself and the surrounding Connecticut Shoreline provide us with visual inspiration and challenges.


We are seeking postdoctoral associates to do research in the area of rendering and material appearance. One position will focus on the development of a hyperspectral software/data ecosystem. This position will require strong software engineering skills, experience in open-source projects, and ability to coordinate with an interdisciplinary team including researchers from medicine, remote sensing, wildlife management, and cultural heritage documentation and analysis. Two positions will focus on material appearance, particularly human faces, apparel, and accessories.
Congratulations to Alvin Shi, Haomiao Wu, and Jarred Parr, who along with Prof. Theodore Kim and collaborator Prof. A.M. Darke (UC Santa Cruz) won the best paper award at SCA 2023 for their paper:

Lifted Curls: A Model for Tightly Coiled Hair Simulation

Citation: This paper presents a drastically more stable hyper elastic energy model for simulating tightly coiled hair with impressive visual results. It enables the simulation of a new hair style with deep mathematical insights and unprecedented numerical stability.

Graphics group research will be presented at SGP, SCA and SIGGRAPH this summer (click to see details!!)