We are a computer graphics group based in Yale's Computer Science Department. At Yale we are immersed in a unique environment with world-class faculties in the visual arts and sciences, including Art, Architecture, Art History, Drama, Psychology and Medicine. We have access to rich resources in the collections of the university's libraries and museums. The Yale campus itself and the surrounding Connecticut Shoreline provide us with visual inspiration and challenges. 


  1. Fall 2017 Graphics Courses

    Graphics courses offered in Fall 2017:

    CPSC 478/578 Computer Graphics -- Holly Rushmeier -- MW 9:00 - 10:15 am

    Introduction to the basic concepts of two- and three-dimensional computer graphics. Topics include affine and projective transformations, clipping and windowing, visual perception, scene modeling and animation, algorithms for visible surface determination, reflection models, illumination algorithms, and color theory.

  2. Spring Courses in Computer Graphics

    Two courses in computer graphics are being offered in Spring 2017:

    CPSC 079 Digital Photorealism  -- Prof. Dorsey

    CPSC 478/578 Computer Graphics -- Prof. Rushmeier

    Opportunities for projects in graphics (CPSC 290 and CPSC 490) are available in the areas of cultural heritage, sketching and machine learning.