Call for White Papers: Content Authoring for Workforce Training

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is  part of the  North American based Computer Research Association. The purpose of the CCC is to c

The CCC will hold a visioning workshop in Atlanta, GA in mid March 2019 to discuss and articulate research visions for authoring rich media content for new workforce training. The workshop aims to articulate research challenges and needs and to summarize the current state of the practice in this area. This workshop is in response to growing needs in the field and new research programs such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier: Advancing Cognitive and Physical Capabilities (FW-HTF).

Please consider applying to this workshop:

Workshop invitations will be driven by white paper submission. We seek short white papers to help create the agenda for the workshop and select attendees. See the application tab for more information. Travel support will be available for participants.

We hope to gather researchers in a variety of computer disciplines related to content creation, and practitioners in workforce training. Specifically:

Researchers in Content Authorship: These workshop participants include computer science researchers in human computer interaction, computer graphics, multimedia, robotics, and data/information visualization.

Researchers in Educational Technology: These workshop participants include researchers who study how to best use existing and emerging technologies in education and training, specifically on practical issues in industry training and how to assess its effectiveness.

Producers of Educational/Training Materials: These  workshop participants include both producers of media including small companies and educators (e.g. community colleges, cooperative extension services).

Consumers of Education and Training: These workshop participants include representatives from various sectors – manufacturing, service and government – who need frequent workforce training and education.