CHER-Ob: An Open Source Platform for Shared Analysis and Video Dissemination in Cultural Heritage Research

CHER-Ob (CULTURAL HERITAGE-Object) is an open-source platform developed in an attempt to enhance the analysis, evaluation, documentation, sharing and management of 3D and 2D visualizations as well as textual and conservation science data.


The development of CHER-Ob is intended to offer a flexible, expandable integrated platform for collaborative cultural heritage research. It is compatible with commonly used imaging data types (2D and 3D images, RTIs, CT) and textual information. CHER-Ob offers an enhanced annotation framework and metadata schema, automatic report/video generation, bookmark, screenshot, searching, sorting and filtering options.

For a quick intro to CHER-Ob please see the quick guide. For a detailed explanation of the features see manual.  You can also download the sample projects to further explore the software.

CHER-Ob ScreenshotCHER-Ob Screenshot

 CHER-Ob system architectureCHER-Ob system architecture

The source code can be found on Github (

CHER-Ob was developed by the Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in collaboration with Yale Computer Graphics Group through a generous grant from the Seaver Foundation. 


Case Study

Babylonian cuneiform tabletsGrove Street Cemetery, Al 'Azm Palace, etc.


If you have any problem or suggestion related to CHER-Ob, please send an email to


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