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Z Ray Tracer

[Project web page]

A physically based general-purpose ray tracer. Please visit project web page for details.


Tank Terminator 3D

Top 17 in Rendering Competition, Microsoft Imagine Cup 2004

[Latest DirectX(required)] [Download(.RAR) 4.4MB] [Tech Slides(.PDF) 1.3MB]

A 3D First/Third Person Shooting Game. Featuring particle-based special effects (e.g. explosions, fire, smoke, shadows, land-trails, etc), batch-based rendering system, collision detection, Finite State Automata-based AI (way-point based navigation system), Billboard system, and a powerful Level Editor.

Hint: Trigger your bullet to AIR-STRIKE and see what will happen…


02CS LinkUp

[Latest DirectX(required)] [Download(.MSI) 4.4MB]* [Screenshot(.JPG) 306KB]

A link-up game in which a user tries to find all pairs of blocks of the same face and then eliminates them as soon as possible. This game is developed during my last year of undergraduate study in dedication to all my undergraduate classmates (whose faces appear in the game) of Class 2002 Computer Science, Fudan University. We are friends forever!


XFC UI Library

[Screenshot for the UI in CAT (.JPG) 172KB]  [Screenshot for the Resource Editor (.JPG) 202KB]

A User Interface library built from scratch. Especially useful for games where standard Windows controls are not applicable. Key features include common control support (button, combo box, input bar, menu, etc), a resource editor, automatic symbol generation in .h file, skin support and a message passing framework.

The library is used in Tank Terminator 3D/2D, 02CS LinkUp and the UI for Context Aware Textures and Silhouette Textures.


Tank Terminator

[Download(.ZIP) 754KB]* [Screenshot(.JPG) 114KB]

A 2D Tank shooting game based the popular FC game of Tank City. At the age of 14, I wrote the first version of this game in 16-bit Turbo Pascal+8086 assembly on DOS. Later on, I rewrote it in C/C++ using DJGPP in 32-bit protection mode. And then I implemented it using Visual C/C++ and DirectDraw on Windows. Finally, I turned it into a 3D game listed above, Tank Terminator 3D.


Hongzhi PinYin Input Method

[Download(.MSI) 3.7MB]* [Paper(.PDF) 424KB]*

This is my undergraduate course project for Natural Language Processing. It is a REAL FUNCTIONING input method for Chinese characters. And a statistical model called n-gram is exploited to “cleverly” map English key strokes into meaningful Chinese collocations.



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*: This item contains Chinese characters.